Georgina Morrison

Bachelor of Professional & Creative Writing

What inspired you to become a DeakinTALENT ambassador?
I was inspired to join the DeakinTALENT Ambassador Program, because I really wanted to contribute to the university in a way that would make a difference to my peers. Careers are paramount for students at university––it’s what we work towards for our entire degree! So joining the program presented a unique opportunity to learn about graduate employment, and the professional world beyond studies.

What impact do you see your work as an ambassador achieving with the current students?
One of the most rewarding aspects of being an ambassador is helping students realise the resources and opportunities available to them through the program. Resources available through DeakinTALENT help students increase their marketability, and even connect them with jobs/career pathways they hadn’t previously considered. Students are often very surprised and grateful that these services are so accessible, and that there’s so much career support available. It’s something very unique to Deakin, and the university’s investment in Graduate Employment has meant its students can step out into the professional world with confidence.

How do you think being an ambassador is going to help your employability?
Through my involvement in the program, I’ve developed a strong understanding of recruitment expectations, how to market myself professionally, and be a valuable employee. In our role, we have to have an in-depth understanding of all the programs and services, so utilising all of these has increased my understanding of the employment field and how to maximise my professional profile. The role itself has taught me invaluable transferrable skills, which will be extremely helpful as I build my career.


Yeshna Peenith

Bachelor of Professional & Creative Writing

What inspired you to become a DeakinTALENT ambassador?
When I started university, I found myself overwhelmed with all of the new information around me. Through the services offered by DeakinTALENT especially the Deakin International Student Careers (DISC) program I was able to build an understanding of the Australian workplace are and what is required from me as an employee.

The main reason I became an ambassador was to give back. I am incredibly grateful of the help I received by DeakinTALENT and being an Ambassador was my chance to assist other students like me and to support them in their career journey.

What impact do you see your work as an ambassador achieving with the current students?
One of the biggest impacts I see is the Experience & Employment Expo each trimester. Despite being one of the busiest days for us, as Ambassadors and the wider DeakinTALENT team, it was a rewarding experience to see the messages we conveyed to students on how to approach employers and what to prepare for the day, resulted in a great student turn out and a successful event again this year.

During my regular on-campus Ambassador time, I have personally encountered several occasions where I have been approached by students about DeakinTALENT and later these students came by to thank us for the help we provided.

How do you think being a student Ambassador is going to help your employability?
Being an Ambassador helped me in developing my soft skills. I have learned through the face-to-face contact we have with students on campus, how to convey a message in an informative way. It has also helped me build my confidence and problem solving skills as I have learnt how to approach people and communicate fluently.

On top of this, working in a very close-knit team has allowed me to work on my skills as being both a team player, but also my leadership skills with my more formal position as the Team Leader. This role has also taught me to manage my time effectively and efficiently and I balance work and undertake full time study.

To conclude I am confident that all the skills I have acquired through being an ambassador will help me progress in my future career.