Picture: Rob Gunstone, The Standard, Warrnambool

DeakinTALENT Regional Skills Program launched in Warrnambool

Warrnambool business representatives are welcoming a new Deakin University initiative to fill the region’s skills shortage and support business growth. 

A council investigation earlier this year found there were approximately 1000 vacant white and blue collar jobs across the region, including a desperate need for young professionals such as accountants, financial planners and health professionals.

Warrnambool City Council Director of City Growth, Andrew Paton, understands that the availability of skilled and semi-skilled workers “in the right areas” was critical to the region’s economic future. 

There is a “no one size fits all solution” to growing the region’s workforce and a suite of long and short-term solutions were required. “The initiative is an excellent practical and low-risk example of how local employers, big and small, can fill specific skills needs to support the growth of their business.”

DeakinTALENT is expanding its suite of graduate recruitment services to develop a tailored talent acquisition solution for regional employers, this will include:is expanding its suite of graduate recruitment services to develop a tailored talent acquisition solution for regional employers

  • Test before you Invest – Graduate Payroll Service (low cost fee-for-service)
    The partnership between Deakin and their preferred payroll supplier provides a risk-free, low cost option to trial a graduate before committing to a full time position or to fill a short term skill need through a contract hire. The service will take care of payroll and insurance enabling you to consider a variety of applicants with a great range of skills and experiences.
  • Relocation support
    Deakin graduates hired to work in the Warrnambool region will be offered relocation support and low-cost accommodation at the Warrnambool Campus. This will enable a smooth transition to the region within a familiar environment and established support mechanisms.
  • Full Recruitment Service
    The DeakinTALENT Recruitment Consultants can provide a no cost end-to-end recruitment service from advertising to targeted cohorts, application review, online video interviewing and the presentation of a defined shortlist. You no longer have to manage applications and invest resources find the right candidate.
  • KickSTART Graduate Development Program
    A tailored professional development program for graduates hired through the exclusive full recruitment service. This unique program simulates the graduate development programs offered by larger employers, supporting retention and development for new hires.

Wannon Water Managing Director Andrew Jeffers and SED Advisory Partner Robert Lane have both shown their support of the initiative. They understand that this is an additional way to get good quality candidates to apply for their roles.  Robert can see the long term benefit “I think there’s a real talent pool out there and this gives us the opportunity to access it.” 

To find out more about this initiative and how it could work in your regional area, please contact the DeakinTALENT team.