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There is no-cost to advertise on the Jobs and Internships Board! 

Advertising vacancies online can cost up to $350 per ad, without any guarantee that your ad will be seen by the right type of candidates.  Advertising for free on the Deakin Jobs and Internships Board ensures that you are reaching high quality candidates without sorting through unsuitable or unqualified applications.

On average, we have more than 10,000 logins per month, from students and Deakin graduates eager to find employment and enhance their work experience. 

Our students are pro-actively looking for a wide range of work, from casual and part-time roles while they study, through to full-time and graduate roles once they have completed their courses. 

Our DeakinTALENT Recruitment Consultants can offer a no-cost full recruitment service to organisations looking to recruit full time graduate roles. Find out more about our Graduate Recruitment Services.

Our Deakin Talent

Deakin has a strong reputation for developing highly-skilled and resilient graduates and postgraduates from a diverse range of backgrounds. We pride ourselves on promoting initiative, innovation, independence and creativity in all of our graduates so you can be assured that when hiring from Deakin, you’re hiring someone who’ll make a positive contribution to your organisation.

Too many projects, too little time?

Getting a casual or part-time resource to help you and your team start, continue and/or complete a project is cost effective. By hiring a Deakin student or graduate you also get a highly motivated, skilled and eager to learn employee who can be recruited for short periods of work and also for long-term arrangements. ​

Global skills and knowledge for a shrinking world

Students who choose to study overseas have already shown ambition and a willingness to seek out life experiences that enhance what they bring to the workforce. Self-motivation, resilience and adaptability are all traits that are enhanced through stepping outside of your comfort zone and often sighted as key employment drivers.

You can advertise for free on the Deakin Jobs and Internships Board for:

  • graduate programs and full-time roles

  • vacation and early identification programs

  • part-time and casual vacancies

  • internships and work placements

  • tutoring needs

  • volunteer opportunities

Recent positions filled by Deakin students and graduates:

  • Graduate Accountant

  • Social Media Coordinator

  • Legal Clerk

  • Office Administrator 

  • Events Officer 

  • Graduate Asset Coordinator

  • Retail Assistant

  • Barista

  • Hospitality staff

  • Gardener

  • Graduate Dietician

  • Tutor

Writing a competitive job advertisement

Ads need to be clear, concise and have a flow that will keep the student / graduate on track and interested. We are listing new roles consistently, so making sure your job advertisement attracts the attention of the right candidates and transfers into great quality applications is key. The tips below may help when you are writing your job advertisement:

Guide to writing job advertisements for students
Writing an Effective Job Advertisement
3 outstanding job descriptions

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