Hiring for Inclusivity

When organisations make their recruitment processes and workplaces truly accessible for all, they ensure that all potential employees with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience can be hired and do their best work.

Being inclusive allows you to attract candidates from the widest possible talent pool. Recruiting people with a disability or from diversity groups is practical and enhances organisational performance. Employees in inclusive workplaces are likely to be more engaged, motivated and productive.

However many job applicants feel they will be disadvantaged if they share information about their disability, sexuality, race or heritage with prospective employers. DeakinTALENT recruitment consultants will be able to help you design inclusive recruitment campaigns to attract candidates from diversity groups

Below are some practical tips you can utilise in your own recruitment and attraction processes.

The language you use is important when it comes to inclusive hiring practices :

Contemplate the words you use. For example “sharing” information about disability, sexuality, race or heritage has a different connotation to “disclosing” information, and creates a more inclusive message.
The interview and application process often will require some modification in order to be totally inclusive, but they are simple changes. Some of the things you might want to consider are:

  • Simply allowing more time for interviews and testing
  • Ask if there are any access requirements
  • Information provided in accessible formats
  • Video / phone interview options and opt outs
  • Interview questions sent in advance
  • Permission to use adaptive technology, assistance dogs, own laptop to complete exercises, or a support person in video interviews. This could be simply addressed by adding this to your website recruitment FAQ page.

Inclusive practices have to be consistent

Show that inclusive practice aligns with organisational values, brand and recruitment strategies by explaining how you use this information to:

  • Create a workplace that is accessible and adaptable for everyone
  • Enable smooth on boarding into your business for all appointed candidates
  • Conduct any workplace changes that may be required for individuals
  • Create or modify support programs and groups
  • Upskill staff

Toolkits, resources, support and funding for inclusive hiring