Project Description

Recruit a Graduate

Does your business need an injection of new talent and ideas? Are you in need of the latest skills to drive growth? Are you planning for the work force of tomorrow? Deakin graduates may be the answer.

Whether you are a global or not-for-profit organisation, a local SME or a new start-up company, our DeakinTALENT Graduate Recruitment Services team can help you reach and recruit the students or graduates you need to inject new thinking into your business to solve a problem, advance a project or fill a short-term gap.

DeakinTALENT Recruitment Coordinators can offer:

  • A full recruitment service. You no longer have to be inundated with applications and manage a lengthy recruitment process to find the right candidate
  • Support to recruit short-term contractors. Our Graduate Payroll Service is a partnership with People@Work and can help you keep your head count down

We look forward to working with you to find candidates to join your business.

To talk to one of our Recruitment Coordinators, call or email:

Melbourne: +61 3 9244 6002
Regional Offices: +61 3 5227 1242

Meet the Graduate Recruitment Services team

Graduates inject new thinking and ideas into your business

Having a Deakin graduate on staff will inject new ideas into your business and help you apply current thinking from a leading University into your practices. 

Deakin graduates have solid work ready skills

Deakin courses are designed to develop key employability skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, team work and self-management, in addition to up-to-date specialist skills in their field. 

Graduates provide a quick return on investment

Graduates learn quickly and provide immediate financial returns. They are enthusiastic and willing to take on challenges. Graduates are resilient and have the ability to adapt to change quickly. 

We offer a no-fee full recruitment service

  1. Work with our Recruitment Coordinators to develop your job advertisement and make sure the students or graduates you are trying to reach, know you are recruiting!
  2. Let us complete the shortlisting and manage the first stage applications for your role
  3. Using video interviewing software, we ask the shortlisted candidates relevant interview questions so we, and you, can see them in action
  4. The preferred candidate list is to you to review.

We provide a stress free process, with no cost involved!

Graduate Payroll Service

For organisations that cannot commit to an increase in their permanent head count .and would prefer to use our full recruitment service to recruit short term contractors, our Recruitment Coordinators can support you through all of these challenges with our new partnership with People@Work. Our Graduate Payroll Service is designed to alleviate any pressure or constraints with your graduate recruitment.

High graduate outcome courses

Our full recruitment service is available for the majority of our courses however there are selected courses where the graduate outcomes are above 90%, and even we find it difficult to find great candidates in these courses! Whilst we’re not able to offer a shortlisting service for such disciplines, we can provide you with a tailored approach to ensure that your exposure to these cohorts is increased from first year through to final year students. See our range of branding opportunities and get involved and connected with our students. 

If your organisation is struggling to connect with and recruit the ‘ideal’ candidates from the ideal course, talk to our Recruitment Coordinators about the particular skill set you are after. Let us help you find candidates from an alternate course base, but who still have the required skill set.

Talk to us today about your upcoming role or the positions you are struggling to recruit for, and let us help you develop a succession plan.