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Your Brand at Deakin

How established is your organisation’s brand recognition amongst Deakin students, graduates and teaching staff? Do the students in your target market know what differentiates your business, why they should work for you and how you recruit? 

Include our profile raising opportunities in your branding strategy in 2019 and beyond.

Think long term when raising your organisation’s profile with our students and graduates. You can make an impact throughout a student’s course:

  • first year – scholarships and early identification programs
  • their middle years – internships, vacation programs and advertising short term casual job opportunities on the Jobs and Internships Board
  • final year – Experience & Employment Expos, Graduate Job Search Program and advertising your entry level roles and graduate programs on the Jobs and Internships Board
  • postgraduate years – all of the above and targeted promotion

DeakinTALENT Connect

A no-cost, effortless way to build your brand with Deakin students.

Do you want students to engage with your organisations careers website, social media and LinkedIn page? Do you want to reach 10,000+ students each year digitally, without having to worry about administration, costs and maintenance? You can with DeakinTALENT Connect!

A digital ‘Careers Fair’ which enables you to build your brand, engage with students as early as their first year. Gauge the student interest in your brand with our state of the art analytics, free of charge and with minimal fuss!

DeakinTALENT Connect enables you to connect digitally and directly with our students through your existing external platforms and social media. Once you have provided us with the below details, which takes five minutes, your Employer Profile page will allow you to:

  • engage with your target cohorts all throughout their study
  • cultivate your brand
  • identify and develop future graduate talent
  • inspire and motivate students to build a rewarding career

DeakinTALENT Connect is always on and accessible from anywhere at any time by Deakin students and graduates, helping you build your brand with your target cohorts.

Want to make sure your organisation is promoted and front of mind with Deakin students and graduates – start developing your employer profile today!

Experience and Employment Expo

Experience & Employment Expos

Our Expos are an opportunity to promote all forms of work experience, volunteering, early-identification programs, graduate programs and entry level graduate roles directly to students on campus.

Get immediate feedback from students about your offerings and meet our amazing student talent in person.

Our next Experience and Employment Expo’s are being held:

Melbourne Burwood Campus – Tuesday 24 March 2020
Geelong – Thursday 26 March 2020

Benefits of attending our Expo:

  • 191+ exhibitors across the campuses and over 21,000 attendees in 2019!
  • Excellent opportunity to create brand awareness as an employer of choice
  • The Expos are promoted to students in disciplines that are relevant to your organisation
  • There is no cost to attend
Experience and Employment Expo

Involvement in Student Engagement Events

Deakin offers a range of career events throughout the year to engage with students and encourage them to be focused on their future career. Below are featured events that we would love for organisations to be involved with, and that give you an opportunity to meet engaged students/graduates and add significant value to the event. 

Graduate Job Search Program is aimed at students coming into their final year and in the lead up to graduate recruitment seasons in March and July. It is designed to equip students with the tools they need identify their career interests, motivators and skills to develop a wish-list of employers or industries they would like to work in. At the conclusion of the program students attend an Application and Interview Bootcamp to ensure they are marketable to employers and representing themselves successfully. Opportunities for employers include:

  • Attending the Application Bootcamp and sharing insights and tips with students about their individual recruitment processes. 1 – 2 hours commitment.
  • Attending the Interview Bootcamp where organisations are involved in speed interviewing with students and providing them with feedback to improve their interview techniques. 1 – 2 hours commitment.

Careers Festival is a series of career events organised by each of our Deakin faculties. The career events range from ‘Careers in…’ sessions, ‘Where does a … degree take you?’ to broader employability and job search sessions. Many of the sessions are employer panels, so we would encourage any organisation wanting to connect with their cohort of students to connect with us!

If you would be interested in getting involved in an on campus event, please speak to a Recruitment Consultant.


Employ Deakin students brand awarness

Jobs and Internships Board

By advertising your opportunities and programs regularly on the Jobs and Internships Board, you ensure our students see your organisation as an employer of choice. Our students will learn to expect your early identification, vacation and graduate programs to be advertised at certain times of the year, and they will know that you want to engage with them.

On average, we have over 10,000 logins per month or over 300 per day of students and graduates looking for immediate work, and using the site to research who is and who had recruited for their discipline.

Keep our Jobs and Internships Board in mind for any roles your organisation advertises that would suit a student or graduate. It’s a great way for students to connect and there is no cost to advertise positions.

Employ Deakin students brand awarness

Social media and target marketing

The DeakinTALENT team offers employers the opportunity to further their reach and increase overall brand awareness when promoting employment opportunities and events to Deakin students.

The team utilises a range of communication channels in addition to the Jobs and Internships Board, to connect relevant students with these opportunities including:

  • targeted emails,
  • and our social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To complete this request, our team needs a list of the specific disciplines and year levels you would like to target, a short blurb, jpg image and a link to the job or event listings on the Jobs and Internships Board. Send us an email request and we will chat to you about next steps. 

How are you going to raise your brand awareness with Deakin students, graduates and staff?

Talk to us today about any of the above options and the ideas you have to connect and make an impact with our Deakin student, graduate and staff community.

Contact a Graduate Recruitment Consultant

Employ Deakin Talent

Advertise on the Jobs and Internships Board for casual, part-time, internships, full-time and graduate roles. Hire a tutor for yourself or your family! Deakin students make sensational tutors.


Host an Intern

Develop an internship, work placement or get involved in our FreelancingHub.


Graduate Recruitment

Let us manage your recruitment process. Use our no-cost full recruitment service including advertising to targeted cohorts, application review and interviewing.


Your Brand

DeakinTALENT Connect, our social business platform,
Large-scale Expos,
Niche events,
Target marketing.